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Decal Converter

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Download Guide


Click Download Now and select desired destination to save it. Wait for a while and when download completes, right click the Decal Converter.zip file and select extract all click next and a desired destination.

Making Counter-Strike Spray Using Decal Converter


Run Decal Converter>File>Open Picture.

  • You can only select a .jpg/.bmp/.gif format file.
After selecting your desired spray, set width & height of the spray such that the size box, below height box, do not turn red because the software can only support limited size of a spray.
  •  If you are making a Lopezz logo as your spray then selecting width size 128 and height size 64 would be the best choice!
When you are done with the sizing. Click Decal>Make Decal>Add.
Locate counter-strike>cstrike folder and select 'ok' replace the file [if it asks].
Now you are almost done. Go to cstrike folder look for a file "pldecal.wad" and rename it to "tempdecal.wad" [if tempdecal.wad already present then delete that file] after that right click the renamed file go to its properties and tick "Read-only". Press ok and you are done!
Finally, run the game [counter-strike].




By: Lopezz Admin.